Rages Against The Machine – Americas Cardroom

Rages Against The Machine – Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom rages against the machine (as in BOTs)

Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. Rosey the Robot from The Jetsons. Transformers. Go-Bots. Vicky from the hit TV show Small Wonder. Kevin the Robot from Saved by the Bell. Bender from Futurama.

There’s no shortage of famous robots, most of which have provided us with hundreds of hours of entertainment (not including Vicky from Small Wonder…seriously, did anyone ever even watch that show?).

But not all robots are created equal. Some robots are bad news bears, as the old expression goes. Chief among them are BOTs that have plagued the poker industry.

That’s changing — and you can thank Americas Cardroom. They’re making significant headway in their battle against BOTs.

In September 2019, online BOT provider War Bot removed Americas Cardroom from their list of sites they support. What’s more, Shanky technologies (BonusBots.com), Kraken, and Medusa (PokerBots.com) have reported that their BOTS are currently not working on Americas Cardroom.

How is this happening? You can thank ACR’s software upgrade, and their commitment to flushing out BOTs. They recently released an upgrade with anti-BOT technology baked right in. It’s designed to stop BOTs from working. And if a BOT does get through, Americas Cardroom’s Security and Customer Assessment teams are standing by to detect and ban them.

And it’s working. Before their new software upgrade, Americas Cardroom banned 12 BOT accounts and refunded players affected by BOTs to the tune of $450,000. With the new anti-BOT technology, players can be confident that their poker experience isn’t plagued by BOTs.

Bottom line? If you were concerned about BOTs at poker sites, Americas Cardroom is a breath of fresh air. And there’s a lot of reasons to play there, including the upcoming $6 Million Venom. It starts on November 27th, spans multiple days, includes several Day 1 options, and pays out $1 million guaranteed to the winner.

It’s going to be even bigger than this summer’s $5 Million Venom. Get your seat now from as low as $0 through a Step tourney. For details, visit Americas Cardroom.

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